Tiffany Ashurian – 3 Survival Tips for Woman Juggling Home and Work

Women are multi-taskers. Unlike men, they can effectively manage several responsibilities at the same time. When they are venturing out for work, they need to take care of the domestic duties at home. This often creates burnout for women, and they start feeling guilty about themselves that they are unable to keep others happy both at work and at home. The problem here is not to keep others happy. As a woman, you must also take care of yourself first before you venture out to fend for your home and return to look after your family.


Tiffany Ashurian is a modern woman with progressive ideas from the USA. She works as a small business partner and company executive and has spent several years nurturing herself while maintaining a healthy balance between work and home. She is also interested in theatre and stage performances.She says that every woman must take care of herself. No matter whatever profession you are in, you must ensure your needs is taken care of before catering to other domestic and office responsibilities.

Simple tips for balancing work and home effectively

She gives out some simple tips to help women today strike a healthy chord between their personal and professional life-

  1. Make a list of your priorities – First things first, know what your responsibilities are. The best thing for you to do is to write them down on a list. For instance, if you are a struggling actress and wish to move ahead with your career with a family at home, things will get simpler if you plan for the day. Like, as a struggling actor, you must attend auditions, acting workshops, or even do another job to support you finally. The agenda will help you to stay in control; otherwise, the thought of doing so many things can be overwhelming.


  1. Know what your boundaries are – Work and home should never mix. Draw a boundary line between them. For instance, never bring your work home. Once back, spend time with your kids and partner. Do not spend time on emails and phone calls when you are with them.


  1. Pamper yourself – You should set out some time for yourself daily. Do something that you love to do. This is the secret of staying content inside. If you are happy inside, you can do justice to both your home and work. So, use this time to go to the spa, read books, or even travel solo. The point here is to first take care of yourself before work and home.

Tiffany Ashurian sums up by saying that work and home balancing can easily be mastered with the above 3 simple tips. Try them out and see a positive difference they can make. There are some sacrifices or even compromises on the way; however, you can manage your time and energy effectively with prudence. You become energetic, and roles and responsibilities become easier for you to handle with success!

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