Steven Rindner Provides Marathon Training Tips For First-Timers

Marathon running has become as popular as ever in the contemporary world. With an increasing awareness among people about the need of staying fit, the popularity of marathon running has also increased quite a bit.  As pointed out by Steven Rindner training for a marathon can have a considerable beneficial impact on the physical health of a person, and hence it would be quite a prudent move to take part in such an activity. While more experienced runners can opt to take part in a full marathon, choosing to run a half-marathon would be a better idea for beginners.

Completing their first marathon usually is an extremely exhilarating and emotional experience for most people. Steven Rindner mentions that the road to this journey, however, is not always easy. People need to put a lot of efforts, dedication and hard-work into their training program to get into the perfect shape to complete a marathon.

There are numerous marathon events organized every year in which people may take part in. First timers should always take into consideration the training time needed by them prior to enrolling their names in any marathon event. For most first-timers, training consistently for a year would be good enough. However, if one has low fitness levels, then they might need more time to get their body into the perfect shape.

Here are a few beneficial tips highlighted by Steven Rindner for first-time marathon runners:

  • Be flexible with the goals: First-time marathon runners often do not have a good understanding of their ability, fitness levels and the impact a marathon training program will have on their body. Hence, they should avoid having any specific goal or predictions right at the start of their marathon training. They should just begin training regime without much of an expectation, and reassess their goal as their training develops, and they gain more understanding of their physical capacity.
  • Make realistic commitments: While at the start of their training period people may commit an hour or two to it, with time they might find it difficult to maintain such a commitment. Hence, it is important that they set a realistic target when it comes to committing time to their training. Training for a marathon is not a two weeks program; one needs to maintain their regime for a year or so. It is important to take all the personal and professional commitments of a person into consideration when planning their training schedule, so that they are able to perfectly maintain their regime without straining themselves too much.
  • Find a running buddy: Encouraging themselves to get up and go for a run every day can be quite a task for people. But this would invariably become easier if a person has a running buddy. One should try to find someone with whom they can go out and run with, to enjoy a shared experience and have a partner in their efforts.

To find more tips for first-time marathon runners, one can easily explore the web.

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