Should I get a six sigma black belt certification?

Six Sigma is considered as a technical, data-oriented as well as statistical quality enhancement program designed mainly for the manufacturing realm, though in past years it has been applied elsewhere, including the business as well as industrial sector.

Six Sigma demands quantitative calculations as well as analysis of success over various qualitative pointers. Those who are most acquainted with Six Sigma are the executives who use statistics, monetary charts as well as project handling in order to gain or achieve improvised business functionality services including all the aspects of operations.

Various types as well as levels of Six Sigma belts and certifications

The different types of Six Sigma certifications are:

  • Yellow Belt ( YB )
  • Green Belt ( GB )
  • Black Belt ( BB )
  • Master Black Belt ( MBB )

Black Belts prove to be enhanced as well as the most advanced senior executives or managers and usually assist the holders of the Green Belts (GB). Six Sigma Black Belts (also recognized as the SSBB) are often thought to have logical as well as a sound working knowledge of Six Sigma techniques. Besides the technical knowledge, holders of the Six Sigma Black Belts (known as the SSBB) are expected to head any kind of changes within a company as well as play a strong leadership job. This is, in fact, the highest level of Six Sigma qualifications. At this stage, you will formulate all kinds of strategies, formulate key elements, act as a senior consultant and mentor the holders or candidates of the black as well as green belts.

The training analysis of the Six Sigma

At the Black Belt stage, tier or level, individual candidates or the students are highly expected to already possess a Green Belt certificate or at least two to three years of work experience in the same sector or they must have initially concluded two Six Sigma tasks and projects, according to the American Society for Quality (also widely known and recognized as the ASQ). Experience must be full-time as well as paid work. Other operatives or internships, including part-time jobs, do not meet up or satisfy this condition.

Depending on the size as well as the audacity of the organization, the format of the exam, as well as course training, might differ. Training could be on-site, online, or in a proper classroom set-up, along with assisting as well as workshop classes. The certification demands the completion of at least two successful Six Sigma Black Belt projects (or the SSBB projects). A project is considered financially successful once it is acknowledged by a company’s monetary department along with the assurance given by the sponsorship head or group.

Black Belt certificate courses prove to be an additional as well as advanced add on to the Green Belt certificate and often show to have an organizational wider view.

On top of the acronym, which is popularly known as the DMAIC (which can be expanded as define, measure, analyze, improve as well as control), it further adds certain following (that is entirely based on ASQ’s Black Belt certificate) points which cannot be ignored. Such vital points are listed below.

  • Corporate higher enhancement as well as deployment
  • Addition as well as a summation of both the Lean and Six Sigma
  • Enterprise authority duties along with the responsibilities and group management
  • Six Sigma jobs as well as Kaizen activities
  • Crucial to X needs (i.e., critical to type, money, ways, security as well as the fine delivery)
  • Setting up a benchmark
  • Business analysis along with the related measures
  • Customer suggestion for each specific product
  • Financial steps as well as key aspects

Basic need, as well as the primary requirement in order to become a Six Sigma Black Belt, verified holder:

To get the authorized Six Sigma Black Belt certification, experts mainly require two already completed projects along with signed affidavits or at least one successfully concluded the project with an authorized affidavit as well as two to three years of work experience, in one or more sectors of the Six Sigma fields of ideas.

Becoming a Six Sigma Black Belt is one of the best things to achieve in the field of project management.

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