Brief Reviews of Some Popular Pressure Washer Models

Pressure washers, also called power washers, have enabled people to clean their property at their own convenience rather than hiring a costly professional service. These washers use either electric or gas motor with a pump and a nozzle that boosts the flow of water from the garden hose. Purchasing a power washer is a great idea as you will be able to get a good electric washer for about $90 and a gas washer for $300 and save about $50 – $90 for daily washer rental. A lot of people prefer electric washers because they are easy to maintain, cheap compared to gas washers and, unlike gas washers, they don’t provide too much pressure, which can be destructive.

If you are looking for pressure washers, here are some quick reviews of popular models:

AR Blue Clean AR383 Pressure Washer

This washer has a hose reel and is a cold water washer. It is made of copper, plastic and aluminum, is very accurate, and uses about 80% less water than compared to a garden hose. You can vary how you use it with just a simple button to adjust it. commercial pressure washer for sale Its accessory kit is complete and contains a gun, high pressure hose, lance with foam dispenser and an adjustable jet nozzle. It is fitted with a two wheel trolley unit that is mounted, a handle and a hose reel. It has an automatic pressure pump shut-off safety feature located on the top in case there is an emergency. It also has a 20 foot long hose and 30 foot power cord for added convenience.

Generac Gas Powered Pressure Washer

This washer uses a gas powered engine and is a production of an American company that specializes in engines and home standby generators. The machine is very powerful and can spray water pressure of up to 2,700 PSI compared to the measly 40 PSI of a garden hose and has the ability to spray 2.3 gallons per minute (GPM). It is perfect for heavy duty work, car cleaning and even side walk cleaning. It comes with ergonomic spray gun, four nozzle click tips which have different angle spraying range directions. The washer has the design of an axle and is well balanced on its wheels, does not vibrate and is easy to maneuver. The product also comes with a good warranty and has a record of many satisfied purchasers.

Karcher K 2.28 Pressure Washer

This is an electric washer that comes with a 20 foot hose. It is perfect for outdoor cleaning and car washing. The washer is a German product that weighs 13 pounds and delivers 1550 PSI, which is the same as 1.3 GPM power. It uses only 20% of the water of an ordinary garden hose and has 30 times more power. Setting up its pressure is easy as you will only need to attach the wand that it came with and then turn its dial to the front and it is set. This Karcher pressure washer has the following features: a DirtBlaster and a power spray, a one year warranty and a siphon tube for automatically mixing detergents and soap.

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